I have been on a journey of health. Since I was a little kid I have been involved in sports and very active. Even throughout college I played sports and now post college I challenge myself physically by lifting weights, hiking ridiculously large mountains, doing triathlons, running many miles. I have been going to the gym or running or biking or some form of exercise for as long as I remember yet just recently it hit me as to why I have had a health block.


I have been trying for years to get healthy. To be in better shape, lose weight, but somewhere along the way I hit a wall. I have been exercising but it wasn't until I put it all together did I realize physical health was only a piece to the puzzle of my life. 


Since I have been on the journey towards emotional health, I realized where my block was. I was so consumed with physical health that I neglected my emotional health. It wasn't until God met me in the brokenness and showed me my emotions were to connect me with him did I realize this was part of the puzzle I was missing to achieve optimal health!


Light bulb!


Along with my emotional health, I have taken a deeper dive into my spiritual health. God met me. He has been with me the whole time, coaching me, guiding me along this journey. He has been showing me the pieces of the puzzle but it wasn't until I took off my blinders to see that the whole time the pieces have been in front of me!


Now it is time to put all these pieces together!


This has been a huge revelation for me. God made us so intricate and detailed. He placed the pieces of us together in a unique way and I believe in our lives we are learning what and where the pieces of us actually fit together.


Today I am starting on a new health journey. I am doing an experiment. I have been knee deep in research about health regarding your gut, hormones, and your brain. It is fascinating to me how complex God made us and how each of us are so unique down to the types of food we should eat for our own optimal health. 


I don’t know where you are on your health journey. Whether you are working on emotional, spiritual, or physical health I challenge you to dig deeper and ask God to reveal more of the pieces to the puzzle of your life. 


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