God is faithful.

God is provider.

God is good.

God is a connector.

God sets things in motion.

God hears our prayers.


I am in awe of God. He continues to amaze me and shake me in incredible ways.

Where do I begin?

The words God continues to say to me are, “Nikki, keep meeting people, keep putting yourself out there and I will connect you with the people that you need to meet.” He also has been saying, “Continue sharing even if people say no. Keep sharing and you will meet those yes’.”

I am learning what it means to be a “networker” because I feel that is the best way to meet people and to share with them what I am doing because you never know who they know that you need to know.

John C. Maxwell says a great leader asks great questions and one of those questions is “Who do you know that I should know?” This question is something I am starting to ask and I am blown away with the people I am meeting.


I met with a man named Neal Pirolo and his wife. They invited me to their home and we sat and talked for two and a half hours!! We shared stories with each other, they shared wisdom and insight about the re-entry processes for missionaries, which is a huge passion of mine! It was truly a gift! He gave me a copy of his book “The Re-entry Team: Caring for your Returning Missionary.”


As I read the words on the pages, I realize more and more how deep of a passion this is of mine. I want to help these missionaries. I was one of them. I struggled with reentry and now I want to be a support for others! I am being reassured this is what I am supposed to do and there are people out there like me, and people who want to help me and support me. I am seriously at a loss for words of God’s continued provision.


I know it is not going to be easy, but knowing God is on my side and placing people in my path to cheer me on and teach me and share their wisdom with me.


Another conversation I had this week was with a man who has his own business called Mindfluence Revolution helping people become the best versions of themselves. He was saying things that God has been telling me, which means I need to listen! If I am hearing it from God and God is putting those same words into another person to tell me, that means it’s important! He was very encouraging and wanted to pour into me and help me! He messaged me after our conversation saying how enjoyable it was. I am humbled.


I have struggled with belief. Belief in myself that I can do this. That I can create a business of helping other people. I have put a wall up thinking I was protecting myself but really I have been keeping myself in and hindering myself from using the gifts and talents God has given me to share with the world. NOT ANYMORE!!! I will be ok with the no’s and learn from my failures. I don't want to live life saying “what if?” I want to live life asking “What now?!” I want to take risks, step out of my comfort zone. If I stayed behind the wall I would never be able to help the people God is putting in front of me. I wouldn't be able to see them because of the wall. BUT GOD breaks down that wall so I can see those people, I can get rid of my pride and the worry of what other people think of me and just do it! JUST DO IT! Just do the thing that God is calling you to do even if you are scared and don't know what next step to take! God will help you.