There is no doubt that God has his hand on my life. Ever since I was a little girl I have been positive, encouraging, and joyful. I have always given people the benefit of doubt and see the good in them. I believe in people. I believe they can be the best they can be, but sometimes people need a little push and help to be guided in the right direction.

I have a passion of empowering people to pursue what they are passionate about, but first helping them figure out what that is. It’s a journey to figure out what your purpose is in life and how you are to add value to this world.

Here is my journey that got me to where I am today…

Starting at the age of 10 I joined a soccer program. In junior high I played all the sports offered at my school. In high school I discovered my deep love for volleyball and played year round. I enrolled in a sports medicine class and assisted the Athletic Trainer at football games. I loved this world of sports and athletics.

In college, I decided (with the persuasion of some) to declare a nursing degree. I was one semester in and the realization hit me that I do not enjoy hospitals. How was I ever going to make it through clinical? I then thought back to the days in high school when I was in a sports medicine class and absolutely loved it! I declared a Kinesiology, Athletic Training major and that is what I graduated with. Months later I took the state boards and became a certified athletic trainer.

I began thinking I should become a physical therapist so I worked at a PT clinic while taking prerequisites for PT school. When it came time to apply to graduate school, the odds were not in my favor. I didn’t get into a single school and 2 schools lost my paperwork! I have never heard of that happening! I had planned out the next 3 years of my life. Now what was I going to do?

God had other plans…

The opportunity to go on an 11 month Christian mission trip fell into my lap and doors flung wide open for this. I knew this is what God had in mind for this next year. During our training camp for this 11 month endeavor, I felt God tell me that I was going to be a leader. I didn’t know what he meant until the next day I was asked to be a team leader of 6 other women. This position was given to me for the first 4 months of the trip. I learned so much about myself, and what it looks like to be a servant and humble leader. I was put in a position to encourage and empower others, which I loved to do! Month 5 I was asked to lead our larger group of 40 people and be a squad leader. In this position I was challenged and grew in ways I had never thought I would. I planned debriefs and leadership development weekends, spoke in front of 40+ people multiple times, gave talks about different topics, did peer to peer mentorship, had some of the hardest conversations with individuals about what they were struggling with and encouraging them to push through. I was pulled out of my comfort zone and I do not regret any part of it.

Looking back I see God’s hand in this journey. He has placed the passion on my heart to be a coach for athletes. Since I have been around athletes, and am one myself, I see what happens when they are injured, or retiring, or their career as an athlete of the sport they have put so much time and effort into is done. I want to come alongside them and empower them to live a life of passion and purpose by exploring other areas of their life. There is so much more to an athlete than the sport they play.

God gave me the love for sports. He placed me in the sports medicine class in high school. He redirected me to become an athletic trainer. He placed me on the World Race in a leadership position. And he did all of this in preparation for what he now wants me to do, and that is being a coach for athletes! I am excited for this journey that is only just beginning!

My favorite verse is Proverbs 3:5-6

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.”
God had a straight path for me all along. It just took me a couple times to surrender and allow him to lead me on it.

In Honduras on the World Race

In Honduras on the World Race