When you are going through a struggle, transition, or life decision, it is important to have support. Life is hard to go alone. Looking back on my life, I would not be where I am today without the love and support of my parents, family, and friends. You need people in your corner cheering you on, especially when things are tough and you feel like giving up.


I know. I have been there…


When I was a sophomore in college I went on a snowboarding trip up to Big Bear with some friends. It was President’s Day weekend and so many people had the same idea to go to the mountains. I have been snowboarding since I was 12 years old so this was nothing new to me. I decided to go fast on a certain part of the mountain because I had done this so many times before. BUT I caught an edge and went flying through the air. When I finally landed I tumbled with my snowboard still strapped to me and when I finally came to a stop I was about 20 feet from where I had started. I was laying face up on the snow in shock as to what just happened. When I went to push myself up, I could feel the bone in my upper arm move back and forth, not in a place they are supposed to. I had broken my humerus completely in half (and no it was NOT funny). I had also strained tendons and muscles in my hips and was unable to walk without assistance. This was the beginning of a 3 month journey in a cast, brace after brace, a bone growth stimulator, visiting the doctor almost every week.

I was in the beginning of the second semester of my sophomore year in college and had to miss 2 weeks of school because I couldn’t walk to class and was so uncomfortable and unable to sleep. I stayed at my parents for those 2 weeks and my mom had to help me out of bed.

I was in school to become an athletic trainer, which is a very hands-on major and I was not able to do much. My dominate hand is my right and that is the arm I broke so I had to take tests with my left and it looked as though a small child had wrote it.

I thought about dropping out of school because my grades were declining due to my lack of attendance and inability to do assignments.


It all hit me hard.


At one point in my clinical I started to cry. I had tried to hold it all together, but my reality was not looking great and I was afraid I wasn’t able to pursue my dream of athletic training because of this injury.

I broke down.
Thankfully my professor was very understanding and loving and she wrapped her arms around me and told me it was okay to cry. That I had been through a lot and I had every right to be frustrated, but that I had the love and support of my classmates, professors, friends and family. Everyone was rooting for me. They encouraged me and directed me to seek God in my time of complete turmoil.

Looking back I don’t think I would have been able to finish the semester and graduate in 4 years without the support of so many around me. I had people praying for me, I had people to talk to about my struggles, and my parents drove 2 hours one way to my school to make sure I was ok.

The situation was really hard at the time, but someone once told me “This is only a fraction of your life and will not last forever.” And they were right. This was now 8 years ago and so much has happened from then until now.

During this struggle it was awful and I hated it, but now I see the fruit and the purpose of it all. God is using something bad and turning it into good. My broken arm was the reason I became interested in physical therapy because I had to go for my rehabilitation. And now it is the reason I can connect with many athletes and patients because I have been in their shoes. I know what it’s like to have a debilitating injury, to become depressed and feel like there is no hope, but to come out on the other side with redemption and hope for my amazing and bright future. That time of my life was only a fraction and has helped me to become the woman I am today.

It is so important to have support during a time like this and it gives me such joy to be able to be that support for others as I have had in my own life. Many people have told me they feel comfortable talking with me, because I am able to relate with them. I believe God allowed for this to happen because He knew I would be able to help many of His children walk through similar situations and be love and support to them when they may not have anyone else in their life to do so.