This time 2 years ago I was flying back from being gone from home, gone from the states for 11 months. I was on a plane coming back from traveling to 11 different countries with 43 incredible people. This was a life-changing experience to say the least. One of the leaders on this trip told us over and over to “live a great story.” This saying became a common phrase among the group. When we were put in an uncomfortable or unknown situation or had to make a decision to do something we would tell each other and say to ourselves “live a great story!”


What does it mean to live a great story? To me it means to live a life that matters, a life full of adventure, a life out of our comfort zone, a life adding value to others.


When I was on this 11 month trip to 11 different countries I did things I wouldn’t be able to do in the states and also things I wouldn’t have done until now. I rode in the back of multiple trucks, took public transportation everywhere including very crowded buses and tuk tuks (taxis in Southeast Asia), chopped down trees with an ax, ran a medical clinic just me and 2 other people, went into bars in the red light district to talk to bar girls and offer them hope, laid with a tiger, played with street kids, you name it! I was stretched, but I have many amazing stories some very hard and some very fun! During those 11 months I was “living a great story.”

My A squad family from the World Race 

My A squad family from the World Race 

Since being back I have tried to do the same thing! Even though I don't do things like I did in other countries, I have stepped out of my comfort zone. I have partnered with an amazing billion dollar company, I have invested time and money into John Maxwell’s coaching program, I have gone to conferences around the states to better myself and my career, I finished and took second place in a triathlon, and I have hiked Mt. Whitney (the tallest mountain in the lower 48).


What are you doing to live a great story?


In John Maxwell’s book “Intentional Living,” he talks about how important stories are. Stories inspire us, connect us, fire our emotions, give us reason to act, give us pictures of who we inspire to be.


Are you living a life that is inspiring to others?

Are you living a life of significance?

Are you living a life that matters?


This is all a choice. You have to choose to live a great story. You have to choice to step out of your comfort zone, to take risks, to invest in yourself, to say yes to opportunities. Live a life adding value to others. Everyone wants to be missed when they are gone. Right? Then live a life that will cause people to miss you when you are gone one day. Leave a legacy.